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FOCOG will be a community united in worship around the Shepherd of the Parish.

It is a forum of prayer, progressiveness and financial support solely for the development of the Parish year on year…

It answers only to the Shepherd who has the sole responsibility to appoint an administrator to oversee communications between him and the forum and vice versa…

Our Aim:

  1.  To in the long run build Covenant of God Parish into a diocese
  2.  To launch an internationally recognised charity organization
  3.  The Promotion of the Parish through regular adverts in the local and international media, online…
  4.  To solicit for membership and financial support from businesses and individual within and outside the Parish.


The Parish as it is, cost an enormous amount of money to maintain every month. The hard truth is, we do not receive enough money to meet our basic expenses. For this and many other reasons we need the help of everyone who wants to become A FRIEND OF COVENANT OF GOD PARISH to see it through the next 20 years and beyond.



If you are UK tax payer you will be able to tick a section of the hard copy standing order form and here online and the Government will top it up by giving Covenant of God Parish 28p for every pound you donate. The Gift Aid makes a difference, we will encourage any donor to use it to make their donations go further.

Minimum Donation: £5 per month through standing order into FOCOG bank account.

Please click here to register your interest and to make your monthly contributions.